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User Interfaces

ITP Alumni Database UI

Harvard Law School, International Tax Program Alumni Database.

This database consisted of more than 5000 government/funding agencies and alumni. First located on DB 4 (DOS) I exported the data to Lotus 123 (Windows 3.11) then to Microsoft Access (Windows 95) and developed the first graphical user interface using Object Oriented VBScripting.

EchoMail Image Library UI

EchoMail Image Library is a repository for all graphics/images created by EchoMail's creative web team. It also stores images uploaded by the client. The library enables the client to upload, save, delete, replace, use or search any graphics specifically for the use of direct e-mail marketing. This enables them to quickly find images (such as logos) they used on past campaigns, and may reuse for brand recognition and brand loyalty.


EchoMail Attitude Scope UI

EchoMail Attitude Scope is an interactive Executive Information Systems dashboard application which monitors certain aspects of an executed e-mail campaign, such as processing time and attitude.

I assisted with the UI for this application. While the Data Warehouse integrates, categorizes, codifyies and arranges data from all parts of an e-mail campaign; Executive Information Systems, such as Attitude Scope, analyzes that data to derive information, insight, and knowledge without the need of technical expertise.

EchoMail Direct UI

EchoMail DIRECT is a simple user-friendly e-mail marketing application used by small to medium businesses to create and execute e-mail campaigns, manage e-mail lists, track click-thru data and run real-time reporting.

During a six month period I gathered all the design specs from the Research and Development team and laid out the step-by-step process to make this application's UI so stupid proof that anyone off the street could use it. After a Beta version was released and over a one year period, more enhancements and features were made. Eventually, passing it to the creative and development teams in India, I lead the teams to its newest UI.

See the the first EM DIRECT UI here.

I have also developed custom EM Direct UI's for: IBM Websphere, Carpenter Technologies, Bulova, Metavante and Becton Dickenson.

Interactive.com Portal UI

Interactive.com is a packaged Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application and online portal. This portal enhances flexibility and adaptability to various aspects of data analysis and investigation, as well as satisfying different levels of decision-makers in an organization.

Acting as lead designer, I collected and analyzed client feedback for EchoMail's products to implement a new user interface answering to the needs of top clients and growing demand of online portal usability. Includes the following services:

EM Customer Care (BI system)TM
EM Direct MarketingTM
EM Sales History DatabaseTM
EM ReportingTM


EM Executive Icons

Illustrator.  I lead the creative graphic team in Chennai to design these and use them on the corporate website.